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Accommodation near Longleat

The Parrots in the Safari Park

As featured in the BBC series: ‘All Change at Longleat’

 Longleat Opening Dates 2016

We recommend the two day ticket for families as you can spread the many activities over two days, which is less tiring for young children, and you can revisit those you particularly enjoy!

A number of guests staying in the self catering properties at Clanville Manor visit the Safari Park at Longleat – of ‘Animal Park’ BBC Television fame.

B&B Accomadation near Longleat Safari Park - Monkeys

The Longleat Estate can be reached in about 30 minutes or so, from the – holiday cottages – on the farm.

Self Catering Holiday Cottages near Longleat Safari Park - The Maze at The Longleat Estate

The Sealions on the Longleat Estate

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Directions to Longleat from Clanville Manor Accommodation

Turn left onto the B3153 road and travel for about 1 mile, then left again onto the A371 road and drive for just over 5 miles until you reach the A37 roundabout.

The Camels in the Safari Park

Take the first exit off the roundabout onto the A37 road and head in a northerly direction [towards Shepton Mallet]. You should reach another roundabout within half a mile, where this time you take the second exit, continuing on the A37 Whitstone Road for just under a mile, until you reach the right hand turn for the A361.

Take the A361 Charlton Road [eastbound] towards Frome and Trowbridge and stay on this road until you see brown ‘local attraction’ signs for Longleat. The Longleat Estate sign posts should take you from the A361 road onto the A362 road, then onto local roads further into the countryside before arriving at the car park for Longleat House or Longleat Safari Park.

B&B Accomodation for Longleat Safari Park - Giraffes

Longleat Safari Park - Lions

Longleat's Famous LemursLongleat's Famous MeercatsLongleat's Hippos

Longleat's SlothsLongleat's Famous OttersLongleat's Safari Trips By Car